The Storming of the Capital

(reasons why the storming of the capital happened)

Donald Trump the 45th president of the United States is a savior to a lot of citizens of America and I know a thing or two about saviors. It reminds me of the Walking Dead show on AMC. The saviors were a group of citizen survivors portrayed as outlaw antagonists like their leader Nigen (when very little intel was on their tribe) in society but during the event of a zombie apocalypse (which reminds me of philly) the saviors are the type of tribe that would choose to preserve life rather than destroy it. Their mo is that human life is an asset. Rick Grimes got elected to be an authority figure ‘cop’ in society (he became a leader before the apocalypse) but the outlaws got to be elected during marshall law (during the apocalypse)

This is why Trump has a say right now even if he wasn’t running for office again.
Trump gets to advise world leaders like the United Nations behind closed doors all the time because he is qualified to do that. The storming of the capital happened because the people that got Trump elected acted like marshall law never ended. BUT HOLD UP… both sides acted like marshall law never ended. Tons of trauma bond political campaigns where their saving grave is their echo chamber rhetorical ideological monstrations that they create (sjws)






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